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Transfer Articulation Guide


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The St. John Fisher University (SJF) transfer equivalency guide is designed to indicate how credit from Monroe Community College, Genesee Community College, and Finger Lakes Community College will transfer to SJF but does not guarantee transfer or applicability to your degree program.

Current SJF students may complete the Transfer Credit Equivalency Request form before registering for the course. A link to this form is available from the transfer equivalency page that can be accessed below.

For all other institutions, a student must attach the course description to the Transfer Credit Equivalency Request form.

Language courses taken at other institutions do not necessarily transfer as direct equivalents to the language courses at SJF. You are advised to complete a Transfer Equivalency Request form for all language courses from ANY college even if you plan to take the course(s) at one of the schools listed here.

It is highly recommended that language sequential language courses be taken at the same college.

Current Students

If you plan to take a course at another institution, please follow these steps:

  • Check your academic transcript in Fish’R’Net for the following:
    • Verify that you have not reached the maximum of transferable credits. (66 credits from a combination of examination sources such as CLEP, AP, IB and 2-year institutions.)
    • Verify that by taking a course at another institution you will not violate the college residency requirement. You must complete a minimum of 30 credits at SJF including one half of the credits required in your major. In addition, 30 of your last 36 credits must be taken at SJF.
    • Verify that you are not repeating a course. Pay particular attention to course subjects and numbers and remember that letters following a course number are unique to Fisher. Ex: SOC 101 at MCC is the same course as Fisher’s SOCI 101D.
  • Complete the Transfer Credit Equivalency Request form. The directions for completing the form should be followed carefully before submitting the form to the Registrar’s Office for processing. Note: Be sure to complete all requested information, including your expected date of graduation.

Please discuss applicability of all transfer courses to your degree requirements with your advisor before registering for any course.

Note: Students cannot transfer credit in a foreign language at the 101 level if they have successfully completed four years of that same language in high school (Level IV). In addition, after successfully completing language coursework at one level, a student may NOT take a lower-level course in that same language.

Prospective Transfer Students

Courses are accepted for transfer credit provided that a grade of C or higher was earned.

A maximum of 66 transfer credits from two-year colleges and examination programs such as CLEP, IB, AP, etc., may be applied toward the undergraduate degree requirements.

Transfer students must submit official transcripts of coursework completed and in progress to the Transfer Admissions Office so that an accurate transfer credit evaluation in a specific program may be completed.

By clicking the button below, I acknowledge that I have read the above information and acknowledge that I am responsible for understanding and complying with all St. John Fisher University policies regarding transfer of credit.

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